Valley Spiritual Direction

We are a group of spiritual directors whose desire is to support and nurture the ministry of spiritual direction in the Central Valley.  As directors, we are ecumenical, representing different traditions within the Christian tradition.  We bring variety through our gifting and life experiences.  All of our directors are trained in the art and practice of Spiritual Direction as well as other areas which nurture the contemplative life.

Committed to noticing God’s activity in our daily lives, we draw on the Christian contemplative tradition to follow the teachings and life of Jesus as we see and respond to the movement of His Spirit in own lives.  We offer a variety of contemplative practices that encourage one to explore the movement of God in the interior life as it is lived in the everyday experience.  It includes the contemplative practices of one-on-one spiritual direction, group spiritual direction, Ignatian Exercises, Centering Prayer, Enneagram, and retreats.  It is not limited to these listed but the practices that we promote are those that nurture the interior journey toward a deepening relationship with God.

Latest Posts


Dear Heart, Come Home: The Path of Midlife Spirituality

Joyce Rupp

Recommended by Erin Matteson

Surrender to Love

David Benner

Recommended by Peggy Curran

Inviting Silence

Gunilla Norris

Recommended by Erin Matteson

The Divine Dance

Richard Rohr and Mike Morrell

Recommended by Peggy Curran


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