About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of spiritual directors whose common desire is to support and nurture the ministry of spiritual direction in the Central Valley. We believe the sacred is in the ordinary and live committed to notice these movements in our daily lives. We draw on contemplative traditions to pay attention and respond, and see great value in accompanying others on this same journey. All of our directors are trained in the art and practice of Spiritual Direction as well as other areas which nurture the contemplative life.

We are also diverse in a variety of ways and celebrate that as gift and strength. We represent different ecumenical and interfaith traditions. We bring various passions and life experiences.

We offer a variety of contemplative practices that encourage one to explore the movement of God in the interior life as it is lived in the everyday experience.  Some of these practices include one-on-one spiritual direction, group spiritual direction, Ignatian Exercises, Centering Prayer, Enneagram, and retreats.  These practices and others we promote nurture the interior journey toward a deepening relationship with God.

Our Mission

In a world that is often far too busy and disconnected, believing God desires healing, wholeness and connectedness for all creation, our focus is to be attentive and present to each person we encounter in generous and compassionate ways that create safe and inviting space for truth telling, truth finding, and personal transformation that in turn, transforms the larger world we live in.

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