Divine Love, the heart of hearts,
Abound in every grain of being,
From atoms gleam to starry sky,
From darkest pain to brightest joy
Unceasing love kindles life –
A royal promise sealed with the kiss of peace.

Saint Hildegard of Bingen
12th Century

Sit in silence-experiencing God who is present.

Shift to the experience of your 5 senses, then posture, breathing, heartbeat and God’s presence.

Reread the above prayer, noticing any word or phrase which attracts, stirs me in my senses, feelings, or imagination, or thought.

Reread the phrase or word, opening to receive the essence of God’s meaning for me, inviting me into deeper understanding of my relationship with God, myself, others, the world or nature.

Now express to God your thoughts or feelings, or desires about the meaning that has emerged for me. Perhaps even giving thanks and praise.

Now sit silently with God in the experience of opening yourself to what God has stirred in you.

Carry this stirring with you into the world this week, noticing as it impacts your intensions, decisions, or actions.