During this time of making a Lenten Journey, I have heard Jesus ask me “Do you love me?’ He has asked me this with a gaze into my eyes that has spoken of his love for me. I do know I am loved; I have lived into this reality for a while now. I sense a new invitation in his question. Brennan Manning has said in a short clip of a speech, that he believes Jesus will ask us one question and one questions only: “Do you believe that I love you? And the faithful will respond, Yes Jesus, I believe it and I have ordered my whole life around it.”

Jesus is asking me, “Am I enough? Are you willing to order your life around loving me?” A powerful question which of course echoes his conversation with Peter after his resurrection. Peter’s response is “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” And in this question to me, I can say the same, you know that I love you Jesus. There is something quite beautiful in seeing that this question is asked and responded to in the context of a loving relationship that is going to continue to grow more deeply and intimately as I learn to love Jesus.

So, this is the issue right now – Jesus loves me this I know but do I know how he wants to be loved? Am I willing to ask him, “How do you want me to love you Jesus?” “How do you experience my love for you now?” What would loving you look like in the context of my everyday life? Am I willing to listen for the answer from him – not what I think it would be? These ponderings began as Lent unfolded; they will be the ponderings most likely the rest my life! Such amazing grace and love I am invited into!!

Photo by soyyo84