With January comes Epiphany, the season of light. Although Christmas lights are being taken down off houses and department stores, Epiphany refers to a different kind of light that lingers in and all around us. It’s the light of hope, possibility, inspiration and peace. The kind that seems to just appear when people help one another or offer kind words. It’s a light of goodness and mercy that rises like steam from any scene where humanity demonstrates compassion. Or it rises within us filling us with a warmth that prompts a smile representative of deep satisfaction and knowing.

For Christians Epiphany is the time when, after Christ being born, we look for “epiphanies” or experiences of the Christ present out in the world. Much of the world has now adopted the common phrase , “boy was that an Epiphany” (!), referring to some kind of surprise, “aha” moment or revelation. Of course, the best kind of “epiphanies” are revelations that inspire us or leave us carried to a deeper knowing that can serve us and the world beyond us.

Ironically, this is ultimately the hope of the light of “Christ sightings” or appearances, too. That surprise sightings or experiences of love and grace, generosity and kindness would move or inspire us to the same actions and thus continue to make the world a better place. So, even as December is done and January is here, keep your eyes peeled. Some lights may have been taken down, yet there is still lots of light to be seen and felt.

Christmas may be over but there are yet plenty of gifts to receive, and give… May you have lots of “epiphanies” this Epiphany season, and be part of someone else’s as well.

Photo by Groman123