God’s Portrait in Psalm 139

Oh, Lord,

You, the good God, desire to know if there are any hurtful thoughts in me.

You, the lovingly generous God, tenderly embrace me to search and examine my heart.

You, the competent God, perceive my sitting, my rising and my every deliberation.

You, the Creator God, uniquely formed me with delicate parts knitted together.

You, the wise God, conceptualize thoughts so vast they outnumber the grains of sand.

You, the loyal God, nurture trust as You whisper, “I am with you” when I am anxious.

You, the joyful God, declare Your works are wonderful and You are worthy to be praised!

You, the powerful God, guide me into the path of everlasting life.

You, the peaceful God, yearn for order and harmony yet are familiar with all my ways.

Oh, Lord, Your works are wonderful. I know that full well.