The Lord Be with You:
In the beginning, darkness covered the face of the deep.
Then the rushing-breath of life
Hovered over the waters.
Let us breathe together.
Let us catch our breaths
From the need to make, to do.
Let us be conscious of the Breath of Life.
We breathe out what the trees breathe in.
We breathe in what the trees breathe out.
Together we breathe each other into life.
Blessed is the One within the many.
Blessed are the Many who make one.
Rabbi Arthur Waskow

After reading this prayer, read it a second time very slowly. Let yourself breathe it in. Feel it in you deepest self. Read it a third time just being present with its essence within yourself. Ask yourself how am I conscious of the life within and outside of me? What might it be like to spend more time being conscious of the life within and without? Perhaps this week, dedicate some time each day to practicing this awareness.

Photo by shawnzrossi