In an email he wrote, “I understand that you are at a new juncture, needing to be refreshed in body, mind and spirit; to pause and ask the LORD what he intends for you in the next few years.” I PAUSED and reread what he wrote, “…ask the LORD what he intends.” It is embarrassing to say that I hadn’t even considered that. “God, what do you intend for me?”

I have been sitting with that question this summer and I am noticing that what God intends doesn’t have a whole lot to do with doing. The question wasn’t “What do you intend for me to do?” Here is what keeps repeating in a variety of ways:

  • “Control is an illusion.” a phase from praying with a young pastor
  • “This is not who you are!” a sentence from the book Radical Hospitality.
  • “Be where your feet are!” a quote coming out of a conversation with friends
  • “Where are you?” a friend’s invitation to look at Genesis 3:9.

I know that when I pay attention to what stirs in me that God is stating his intention and let me tell you, God is clear and also relentless in pursuing! Almost daily I return to one or more of these four phrases. As I do I have a deeper sense of what God intends. I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, I just pay attention.

To sit simply
for one sweet hour and notice
all that is unfolding
in the light of day—
That is a fine, fine thing.
-Judy Brown