I was coming to the end of my current journal, realizing I need to begin a new one. In the back of my journals I have a collection of papers that contain poems, prayers, readings, and inspirations that I refer to from time to time. I consider them some of my most cherished companions on the journey. While deciding which pages to keep and which to file away, those I would file felt like losing a friend. This activity caused me to think about who or what companions me on the journey to likeness in Christ.

Remembering is another way to think of this process. Remembering who and what God uses to support me as I travel this intentional landscape of becoming. What piece of poetry do I return to again and again to hear afresh a new word? What prayer do I return to that speaks to my heart in a particular circumstance of life? What portion of a reading helps me remember my desire, intention, longings for wholeness? What piece of scripture do I return to again and again to hear the voice of God reminding he is always and everywhere present? Who are the people in my life who listen and witness my movement to God’s work? Reviewing those written companions, I realize they span the ages, from the desert fathers, mystics, poets, to modern day writers all witnessing to God and his ever present desire for our companionship. I realize I am not alone. I am not journeying new and unknown territory. So as I begin this new journal, I expect to add some new companions that will become to me as cherished as the ones I have left behind.

If this strikes a chord in you, you might like to reflect and remember who or what are your companions. Who or what supports you in your own journey to wholeness in God? It might surprise you just how many “friends” you have.