Basking in the glory until about mid jet way when that voice, the one I am very familiar with, and the one I usually welcome, said to me, “Hum, I thought status or position did not matter to you. I thought you told me external appearance did not matter and it was the condition of one’s heart that was the most important thing.”

Instantly I realized yet again how I often consider myself better formed in the likeness of Christ than what is the reality. That familiar voice of God was inviting me, out of the ordinary context of my life to take yet another look at the condition of my heart. This will be the material of my next direction meeting. In this quiet and reflective space we will probe together my unlikeness to Christ when my Director will gently nudge me to listen and interact with God who is inviting into a new freedom from categories and superficial judgments that separate me from others, God, and myself. It is bound to be a robust conversation. You see, even a Director needs and greatly benefits from their own Director.

I hope you to have found a Director with which to probe the depths of you own life with God.

Photo by joannapoe