I am a grammy! Two times! One precious grandchild is 3000 miles away, and one currently lives about three doors down from my bedroom door. I am over-the-top blessed for many reasons, but I especially love having a grandchild so close.

So little Oliver and I are pretty good buds. He especially loves laying on his changing table getting his diaper changed. Whatever. If he’s fussy, all I need do is lay him on his changing table and 90% of the time he begins to calm down, smile, gurgle, and, of late, chatter.

Oliver spits, and gurgles and chatters and coos and is beginning to laugh …….. figuring out how his voice works, how it sounds and creating his new language skills. And guess what I do? I gurgle, chatter, coo and smile right back at him. (I try to avoid the spitting part.) He and I were having this little exchange the other day and, again, God helped me to notice something about, yes, spiritual direction.

When I sit with my director I immediately feel a sense of calm and peace as I enter a space carved out just for me. I can relax. As I relax I talk, ramble, babble and chatter on, (mostly listening to myself speak) I am trying to figure out my truth; noticing how I see God, myself and what is driving me ~ my longings and desires. My director listens, smiles back at me, tears up with me, reflects back to me what she is hearing in my voice and my emotions. My director asks me questions about things she is noticing in my story, allowing me freedom to explore my story with fresh eyes and my deeper self.

How God-like is that?

Perhaps I am making a shameless plug for Spiritual Direction. Any director listed on this website would be happy to carve out space for any seeker. Or maybe I am truly beginning to realize how powerfully important listening and reflecting are for us ~ from new-borns to old-borns. To be heard, truly heard, is a transformative work that allows the soul to rest and feel safe, free to explore, gurgle, coo and cry. These kinds of conversations transform our lives.