Mary Anne O’Halloran - Spiritual Director

Mary Anne O’Halloran

Interfaith Spiritual Director

Do you have a theology or a philosophy which brings you meaning or comfort?

Are you wishing to develop a deeper spirituality?

Has the tradition of your childhood led to questions or wounds which you would like to be free of?

Do you have an active relationship with the Divine, Great Spirit, Allah, Yahweh, truth and justice, Buddha, Lord Shiva, God, etc, and you wish to deepen it?

Are you experiencing something in your life which is troubling or painful and you are seeking comfort and an understanding of the meaning of it in your life?

My passion is to work within any tradition and its beliefs to journey with people to answer the questions above. I am present to witness the journey of discovery, in concert with the Divine; to hold sacred space for the one on the journey, fostering the process through conversation, questions, meditation and prayer.