I write on the 5th Sunday of Easter. That time between Easter resurrection and Pentecost. The scripture I reflected on today was John 15: 1-8, the tending of the vineyard. These past weeks I have had occasion to traverse the wine country of California. The workers were in the vineyards pruning the vines of old non productive branches and removing those pruning’s from the fields. Now a few weeks later, the new growth is sprouting, growing, greening, and responding toward that which the root is nourishing them, a bountiful crop. This is a time between times. A time for the pruning, healing, and new growth to take place. The destination and outcome is not known, abiding in the vine is what’s needful.

For me in these Easter weeks following the resurrection, imagining Jesus appearing and revealing himself to me in a new way, I find myself in that liminal space, the time between time space, where I ponder my place in God’s kingdom building. In these imaginings, Jesus and I have conversations of wonder, surprise, challenge, heart warming remembrances, and grounding conversations of love, trust, joy and deep consolation. A time to come face to face with the still present Jesus. A time to let go of the old non useful patterns of life and allow him to infuse me with new intention for living my life as he would live my life if he were me. So although the vineyard place of my heart seems sparse and pruned of some cherished notions, I sense a movement toward a deeper, even more grounding love and life in what lies ahead.

Maybe you find yourself in what is called liminal space. A time between what was and what will become. My suggestion is to allow some time of gentle reflection that includes imagining yourself in conversation with Jesus as he appears before your mind. Talk with Jesus as he speaks and you listen, and you speak and Jesus listens. Notice how he seems. Notice how you feel. Talk with him about what you feel. Let the greening of your heart be nourished by this sweet conversation with Jesus.
Photo by stockerre