The news these days is filled with more violence than I can manage. I feel my heart constricting as I am exposed to daily onslaught of violence and mayhem.

It occurs to me that the temptation in the garden to be “like God” by obtaining all knowledge is exactly what is happening today. In the garden, and in God’s kingdom, humans were never designed to hold vast amounts of knowledge, pain and suffering, violence and mayhem. Only God can handle this amount of suffering and so, there in the garden, rightly connected to God, we were allowed to grow and expand under his care and custody, never exposed to that which would destroy us.

We now are only one click away, 24 – 7 of “knowing” about the ills of our world, and I think it is making us soul sick. To avoid this “Knowledge of evil” we turn to TV, novels, video games, shopping, drinking and other sorts of protections never intended to shield us from this type of suffering and pain.

I know you are with me in this. We at Valley Spiritual Direction are in conversations with people trying to connect to God while being bombarded with seeming” all knowledge” of a sort. Instead of God “walking and talking” with us in a universe under his protection, and at leisure, we spend much of our time reorienting our lives and beliefs back to the one who loves us so much and is leading us back to full and complete life in Christ. I’m grateful for my director who listens to my journey through the garden of my heart as we listen for the voice of God asking “where are you?” Slowly and with great longing I respond, I am here, and I am lonely and afraid. Gently God reaches across the void, takes my hand and leads me out of yet another painful place to a great vista of love, joy, hope and peace.

I encourage you connect with a well-trained director who can journey with you as you reconnect to your true self in God. It’s one of the great ways that support your life of exposure to pain and suffering, yet at the same time allowing God to carry it and release you to live the life you always wanted.