Moving through various seasons of the year with intention is a great way to focus our contemplation or prayer practice. For example, in this current season, often referred to by many as “Epiphany” or “the season of light”, light offers a powerful metaphor for reflecting on our lives, faith, and how we feel called to live in the world. Below are four prayers or contemplative pieces I hope will support you in your contemplative practice this season. May sitting with the rich language expressed in one person’s yearnings for self and the world, largely using the metaphor and exploration of light, illuminate and enliven your own story and yearnings, deepening your own personal relationship with the Divine. – Erin Matteson


Season of Light!
Dance with me!
Fill me!
Set my heart a blaze!
Flow from me out into the world
in ways that inspire others to the Epiphany dance …
Ignite … Permeate … Perpetuate!
Light! Warmth! Love! Joy!
All around and everywhere!!
Till all creation is found dancing in a firelight of Love
illuminating all the world with the goodness and glow of grace …



God of many names,
in this season of Epiphany, the season of light,
we call on you, Light of the World

to illuminate our hearts and minds with the light of mercy and love,
that we would be held and healed by such a light,
inspired to share it.

to shine your light in and on every darkness …
those that reside within our hearts and minds,
those found in our families and homes, schools and work places.
Bring the brightness of your hope, into all spaces.
Shine the light of discernment, where questions haunt or hold us in patterns of paralysis.

Light a fresh spark in us
making us lanterns of your grace
beacons of your compassion.
in a world always yearning for more light …



God of light, in this Epiphany season,
May we raise the blinds of the window of our soul enough to let your light shine through.
Illuminate dark places where we are seeking, struggling, hoping, wondering
praying for the grace to live fearless, fretless, fantastically,
as we trust and live and move, in You.



Radiant Starlight,
in this season of light,
continue to bring your stars before us
enticing us to follow to places unknown
yet with promise to bring the blessing of Christ with us.
May we look to the skies often
find courage to follow where we sense you leading,
and grace to embrace the full journey as we go …